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Our Martial Arts Kids Program Ages 3-4 | 5-7 | 8-13 (Male/Female)

Martial Arts Classes For Kids:

Knockout offers Kids martial arts program of 60 minutes usually taken 3 days on an alternate day regular basis or 6 days on a regular basis. This program comes under group classes of around 12-15 students in a single batch in our Knockout academy. Here, we also provide 1-1 martial arts session for kids in our academy as well as your home. Personal home classes for your kids also be available, we will send our highly certified trainers at your doorstep.

The Best Program For Your Kids:

Our Kids martial art program is a fun and exciting 60 minutes program where your child can learn different form of martial arts skills and develop self-discipline, confidence, fitness, flexibility, strength, focus and concentration. In our kids martial art program we would believe in making your child stronger and sharpen in every form of life. For that we include different forms of martial arts style in our MMA kids package like Full/Light Contact Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai boxing and Gymnastics.

The best part of our kids MMA program is that your child will become extra-ordinary in academics as well. Also, if you or your kid is interested in learning any single form of martial art like Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Kung fu, Taekwondo or Gymnastics, we will also provide. Therefore, you and your child can choose as per your interest and time flexibility.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training:

Knockout classes are safe, fun yet educational. We have a dynamic curriculum that keeps your kids engaged and constantly seeing improvement. Doing well in school is encouraged and incentivized. Co-operating at home is expected and taught as part of becoming a Black Belt. Our Kids Program will build your child's self-esteem, while teaching him or her crucial life skills. In our academy, children learn to set goals and become leaders. Honesty, Integrity and Respect are all values that are important to us at our academy. Good manners, Personal safety and conflict avoidance are all integral to our program.

Working upon a regular training session, we carefully monitor your kid success and results to make sure that your kids are heading towards their goals. Knockout has specially designed this martial arts kids training program to keep a goal in mind to increase alertness in your kid and focusing on increasing their skills and concentration power.

Black Belt Certification For Kids:

There are 8 kinds of levels certifications in martial arts training up to Black belt. People tend to think Black Belt is a challenging and hard to achieve, although there is a different way or you can say a different pattern of achieving Black belt in the easiest way possible. In our knockout academy, our highly qualified instructors will teach the unique and the easiest way to achieve Black belt in just 3 years.

Martial Arts Weapon Training For Kids:

Nanchaku training is the form of defense art learned using karate sticks called Nunchuk which is made up of two sticks connected by a chain or rope. In our knockout weapon training program, we will also trained kids in the art of Nunchaku or Nunchuk for short. This training helps your kid to develop hand eye coordination along with an 'I Can Do It!' attitude. In this training, students learn the history of traditional weapons and about the warriors.

Learning Nunchuk is a great boon in itself as it increase mind, body and spirit coordination, better concentration, improved strength & makes the mind creative of your kid. There are levels in learning and becoming master in Nunchuk training, students will have to appear into the levels starting from beginner to advance and by hitting promotional levels, students will get certified by Knock Out Martial Arts & Fitness Foundation.

Things to Carry For Beginners :

  • T-Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Water Bottle
  • Face Towel
  • White Uniform
  • Hand Gloves

Things to Carry For Advance :

  • White Uniform
  • Groin Guard
  • Shin Guard
  • Gum Shield
  • Hand Gloves
  • Head Gear

Need A Great Place For Your Child To Stay After School

World is full of extra- ordinary people who always wants their kids to be on the top in academics and in extra-curricular activities as well. If you want your child to be in that top list and wants to involve in extra-curricular activities which is safe, fun yet disciplined then Martial arts would be the best choice for your kid.

Beginners to Advance :

Our personalized attention and instruction is given to all new students during the class. We train beginners through to a high level of basic competency and, where required, to an advanced standard of competition. No matter what shape or condition you are in at present, as long as you have a desire to learn, our highly qualified instructors can help you achieve your personal goal.